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30.10.1999 X-II; unrestful sound; ffain vs neuro
(antwerp kids go electro)

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From: Andy Giebens <***>
To: 'Dietrich Foth' <***>
Subject: RE: october
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 18:35:11 +0200

high! didi

about the experimental electronic improvisation festival:
i certainly would like to come, kris liked the idea too, but, since he has a
chick again, i didn't hear from him a lot.  last thing i heard about it, was
that he would like to do something together (you know: "sync everything" and
go mental) this seems a good idea to me, but i would also like to do my own
stuff, and i don't know if kris wants to do his own set, or if you think his
set fits in.

about myself:
i started playing the guitar when i was about 16, totally into heavy metal.
when i was 20, industrial and psychedelic (ozric tentacles, kong, young
gods,...) influences started to change my musical opinions, and when i was
23 (1995) i bought a sampler to make the band i was in sound more up to
date, but a few months later i left the band, and i haven't played in a
group since.
so late 1995, i bought an old drummachine, then a keyboard, then some
effects processors, mixing desk,... and finally i bought some electronic
music: autechre, jeff mills, psychic warriors ov gaya, main, speedy j,... i
did two small 'electronic' sets for some friends in 1996, and in 1997, i
played at the first lunatic tournament, and that was it.  three gigs and
then nothing, or at least nothing in the musical direction: hard work,
football, mary wanna, too much of these things, you know
when the second luna tournament had to be organized, people asked if i
wanted to play again (because "last time was really great", they said), so
in april of this year i started to make some new 'sequences' and the fooling
around with synths, drummachines and other stuff, suddenly started to work
out.  after two weeks of spacing in my living room after work, i had some
titles, which are, together with an old 'song', on my first (DIY) cd (i
didn't want it, but friends convinced me to do it)i hope to finish a second
cd before end october with some descent stuff
i also make some techno, but it's much more difficult than it seems

what i'm planning to do with kris, is a mixture of techno, industrial,
soundscapes,... all very underground, but also very live (no samples, no
prefabricated rythms or whatever) 
but that's a big question mark, especially now kris is involved again with
the female population (music and girls do not go together!!!)

i'll get in touch with you as soon as possible with an update of the plans,
by the way, on the  cd, i called the project 'X-II', but in the future (this
is, as soon as i like my music enough to let it loose on the world), i think
the name to work with, will be 'ffain', but i' ll let you know asap what
name i will use in october (depending on the quality of my work)

hope to hear from you soon, cheers


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From: Andy Giebens <***>
To: 'Dietrich Foth' <***>
Subject: antwerp kids go electro
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:40:13 +0200

hello again,

here's the latest info:

i met kris on thursday, but he had to go to a festival and told me to write
something about him.  here it comes:  kris started as a bass player in a
spacebluesnoise band, in 1995, he started with a sampler, as a member of
'maya', which have two albums.  pretty soon, he too started on his own with
dance music, operating as 'unrestful sound'.  the lunatic tournament was
also for him the first time since very long he did a live (drum'n'bass) set.

in the very close future, the two of us will start working on a
collaboration to make real 'live electronical music', starting the set from
scratch, to get to a (hopefully) pounding electro/minimal climax.
so, tell  me what you think of it, what your plans as an organizer may be,
or whatever.